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Golden Visa

Golden Visa

Non-habitual Residency

The Portuguese government has recently implemented some highly attractive tax regime schemes for non-nationals, designed to boost foreign investment in Portugal.

Subject to legal requirements, the Portuguese Golden Visa programme offers the chance for people from outside the European Schengen Area to obtain residency in Portugal. The result is free access to Portugal and the rest of Europe (Schengen Area). Requirements involve investing in one of three ways: purchasing a property valued at €500,000 or above; transferring €1mn or above in capital; creating ten or more jobs.

Applicable for ten years, the Portuguese Non-habitual Residency tax regime turns Portugal into a tax paradise for new residents, and especially pensioners. Non-habitual residents are exempt on paying taxes specific types of income sourced outside Portugal (incl. pensions, salaries, rental income, capital gains, investment income, etc.). A great scheme for avoiding the tax man! For more details, ask our agents.

The Time is Right

The time is right no matter when you’re looking to invest in this beautiful region, but current circumstances are proving particularly promising for investment in the Western Algarve. Encouragingly, the Algarve’s holiday market is once again enjoying growth, making favourable property rental returns an enticing possibility.