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Selling in the western Algarve

Selling in the western Algarve

In addition to our rich local network of contacts and marketing outlets, and a range of international marketing strategies, our affiliation to Fine & Country ensures your property the international exposure it deserves. This may involve inclusion in international websites or publications.

To start the process, we will need the relevant property documentation:

  • A copy of the property deed (Escritura);

  • A copy of the Habitation License (Licença de Habitação);

  • A certificate from the local council stating the property has been inspected and complies with building regulations and is fit for habitation (only applicable to properties built after 1951);

  • A copy of the Land Registry certificate (Certidão de Teor) proving description and inscription of property at the Land Registry Office.

  • A copy of the land tax certificate (Caderneta Predial Urbana/Rústica) issued by the Tax Office, which confirms that the property has been registered for tax purposes and includes its location, plot size, number of rooms, pool size etc. (details should match those in the Land Registry certificate).

  • A copy of the property plans approved by the local council
  • A copy of the last payment of the Contribuição Autárquica, now CIMI - 'Código de Imposto Municipal Sobre as Transmissões'

  • A copy of the ID and Contribuição Fiscal for each owner named on the Escritura